ガーリックライス & ステーキ

Steak with garlic rice

自分たちで育てたお野菜やFarmer's Market@UNUのお野菜をふんだんに使用してお料理をつくっております。

We make our dishes using many vegetables, all grown at our farm or from the Farmer’s Market@UNU.

COMMUNE 2ndに出店するきっかけは何だったのでしょうか?

以前より出店していたFarmer's Market @ UNUと同じく、メディアサーフコミュニケーションズが運営していたというのは大きいです。それから、アメリカの車などの古いものが大好きで、それをキッチンカーに改造してお店を出してみたかったんです。そこでアメリカのソウルフードも出して。とにかく忙しい日々ですが、若いスタッフにも恵まれて、楽しくやっています。

Why did you open a shop at COMMUNE 2nd?

The biggest reason, I think, is that both the Farmer’s Market@UNU and COMMUNE 2nd are run by Media Surf Communications Inc. Since we opened our shop at the Farmer’s Market@UNU originally, I had a previous connection with them. I love old American cars,  so it was one of my dreams to turn a car into a food truck and start a shop that serves American soul food. It has been very busy everyday, but I’ve been really enjoying working here surrounded by young staff.

COMMUNE 2ndではどんなリニューアルを?

今回はお店の場所も隣に移って、ガーリックライスとお肉メインで以前のハワイアンフードからかなり路線変更しました。USプライムビーフを使用しているので、美味しいですよ! アメリカの格付けで一番のお肉です。それを自分たちの畑で育てた野菜と一緒に出すのは、昔から変わらないところですね。千葉の畑で野菜を育てて使っています。最近は調味料の方にも力を入れているんで、機会があれば、是非見に来てもらいたいです。

How did you reopen?

We moved to the next stall over and changed our main menu from Hawaiian food to garlic rice and beef. Our beef is very tasty US prime beef, which is the best grade of USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) beef. One thing that hasn’t changed is that we still serve our dishes with vegetables grown at our farm in Chiba. Recently, we have been focusing on spices too, so if people have the chance, we would love for them to come and have a look.

今後COMMUNE 2ndに期待することは?





What do you expect for COMMUNE 2nd?

Becoming a more local spot, perhaps.  I want our neighbors to come on a daily basis. I think it’d be good to be able to have conversations with them every day and build relationships with them day by day. This is why CORI has such deep-rooted fans, and this is a point we’d like to learn from them.


Can I play this guitar, by the way? (pointing to the guitar in front of the shop)

Feel free to play it. I want to express our personalities by putting this here, too. This guitar fits the open atmosphere of COMMUNE, doesn’t it?