Natural and healthy seasonal foods and drinks

食と知への好奇心を刺激する場の提案。毎日手作りで、契約農家とFarmer's Market @UNU の旬の野菜を使った料理を定食やおまかせのプレートで提供。前店舗から続けているBBQもオールシーズンで開催してます(事前予約制)。カクテルも楽しめます。

We offer a place to stimulate curiosity for both food and knowledge. Every day, we make fresh seasonal dishes using vegetables from contract farmers and the Farmer's Market @UNU. We also continue to serve BBQ as we did at our former store, and offer this year-round by reservation. You can enjoy cocktails here, too.





Why did you open your shop?

Nishioka (N): We had a shop in Harajuku before, so we came here to relocate and reopen. Our first shop opened five years ago. The bar and kitchen are on the 1st floor, which can also be used for events. The library and salon are on the 2nd floor, and you can learn about Japanese “IKI(or “essence”)” there. The store was opened on an off-street in Harajuku where youth gather,  with the concept of “offering a place for stimulating curiosity for food and knowledge.” After 3.11, a time when people started rethinking how they would live, we began iki-ba. Iku means “go” and ba means “place,” because it is a place where people can finally arrive. iki-ba is a place for not only young people, but retired people or people who lost their place to go...so everyone is welcome. Though you see many young people as you walk around Harajuku, many older generations also gathered at iki-ba. We didn’t just tell them about Japanese “IKI”, but we learned it with them. Even at the new store, we will continue doing this.

Tsukamoto (T): As for dishes, we do not stick to one genre and create simple dishes using whatever ingredients are best at the time. But mainly, we cook with carefully selected Japanese ingredients.

COMMUNE 2ndに来てどう感じますか?


What do you find interesting at COMMUNE 2nd?

T: I find it very interesting that many people come and visit this place, including foreigners. I think COMMUNE 2nd is a place that enables a diversity of people to mingle, so I’m really looking forward to its future.

新しくなったCOMMUNE 2nd、新店舗への期待は?




What do you expect for fresh COMMUNE 2nd?

T: Since I’m surrounded by many shops and have made new friends, I feel very connected. Compared to other food cart stalls, iki-ba has a bigger space and it’s potential is huge. So I want this shop to be a catalyst for COMMUNE 2nd to became a hipper place by collaborating with other tenants, guests, Mediasurf, and more.

N: We want to host both public and niche events. By casting the spotlight on many people, I want to dive deeper into the fun that can be had here.

T: You can just drop by or stay for a long time. It’s also interesting how you can spend your time here very differently. We don’t have regular days off anymore, so you are welcome anytime.


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