Tobacco Store


You go for a smoke. You start your day off with a glass of water.
You smoke before starting work.
You engage in a lively conversation at lunch over a cigarette.
When you need a break, you take a breather with a cup of coffee.
You finish your work day with a cigar.
You smoke a pipe after dinner. You drink some whiskey and relax.
You take a puff of a pipe before bed. You've had a good day.
Tobacco is part of your daily rhythm.
This is a place where you can take a break and create your daily rhythm. Cigarettes from all over the world, highballs, coffee, and more are waiting for you at TOBACCO STAND.





Why did you start TOBACCO STAND?

Although the circumstances surrounding tobacco become more strict every year, tobacco as a luxury good plays a crucial role in the rhythm of our everyday lives. Perhaps the opportunity to be recognize this again could be a good thing. So, we’d like to offer a place to appreciate this while drinking liquor and coffee at a well-designed place.


なぜCOMMUNE 2ndでお店を出したのですか?出してみていかがですか?

実は、COMMUNE 2ndを運営しているチームで経営しているお店なんです。なので、インフォメーション機能も兼ねています。COMMUNE 2ndへ来てくれる人って面白い人が多いし、そういう人たちの中でもより濃い人たちがTOBACCO STANDには集まって来ている印象です。時代に逆行している人というか。決して悪い意味ではなく、常に問いを大切にしていて、まわりに流されない人。そういう人たちと話していると、日々面白い発見がありますよね。


Why did you open TOBACCO STAND at COMMUNE 2nd? How it’s been so far?

Actually, TOBACCO STAND is run by the same team that manages COMMUNE 2nd. Therefore, this shop serves as an information pool for COMMUNE 2nd. We have a lot of interesting people who come to COMMUNE 2nd, and within that pool of people, the people who come to TOBACCO STAND are particularly unique. They’re people who go against the grain--not in a bad way, but people who question things and don’t run with the crowd. I learn something interesting everyday when I talk to them.


COMMUNE 2ndがどうなったら面白いと思いますか?


What do you think is the key to making COMMUNE 2nd a more interesting place?

If COMMUNE could be a place that provided new inspiration for its visitors every time they visited, that would be very interesting. The people who gather here are a random mix of people from the neighborhood, people who just happened to be walking by, tourists from overseas countries, etc. Even with such a diverse group of people, everyone communicates with one another and forms relationships. COMMUNE is an intersection of the ordinary and extraordinary, and also a place for the local community. In this city, we aim to be an “urban oasis.”